Why Do You Need Cyber Coverage Protection?

With today's heavy reliance on technology in our homes, we are more exposed to cyber risk than ever before.

Computers, devices and smart appliances can create avenues for cyber attacks to infiltrate your data in order to steal information, extort money and commit fraud.

Preferred Insurance can help protect you against cyber attack, and the associated trauma and costs, with Cyber Protection Coverage from partner Wawanesa Insurance.

Personal Cyber Coverage is NEW and AVAILABLE NOW!  $50,000 Coverage Limit is ONLY $5 per month.  Get it NOW before it is TOO late!


What is Personal Cyber Protection?

Personal Cyber Protection is a unique, innovative coverage that can protect anyone who operates a computing or connected home device, stores information electronically and accesses data online.


Why is Personal Cyber Protection important?

Modern life is full of cyber risks and many homeowners don’t realize this until it’s too late. Whether it’s for their computer, mobile device, or connected home technology, homeowners need the right protection for the exposures that come with modern connected life.  Smart appliances and devices can create avenues for cyber attackers to infiltrate your data in order to steal information, extort money and commit fraud.


Personal Cyber Protection covers against:

Cyber Attack

  • Unauthorized access or malware damage to your computing or connected home device.

Cyber Extortion

  • Demands to damage, disable or deny you access to files on your devices or systems.

Online Fraud

  • Online criminal deception, identity theft, and unauthorized use of credit cards or bank accounts.

Data Breach

  • Loss, theft or accidental release of other individuals’ ‘personally identifying information’ in your care, custody or control.

What Can Go Wrong?

Cyber Attack

A homeowner opened a file attached to what looked like a legitimate email and unleashed a virus which corrupted data and reconfigured the computer setup. Restoration involved reformatting the hard  disk, erasing everything on it, and reinstalling the operating system and software applications.

Cyber Extortion

A note popped up on a computer screen demanding ransom be paid for a decryption key to unlock files. The ransom was paid, and an I.T. firm was paid to investigate the ransom and ensure there were no viruses left behind on the computer.

Get Coverage!

If you would like to add these coverages to your homeowner’s policy, please contact Preferred Insurance at 1-800-611-6669 to fully understand any coverage, terms, conditions, limits and exclusions.


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