Our condo insurance packages are suited for any owner of an apartment, townhouse or freestanding dwelling located within a condominium complex. As a condo owner, there are particular costs that could fall on your shoulders in the event of needed upgrades and repairs. Our plans range from extensive to basic coverage, depending on what you.

For many condo owners, a portion of insurance is provided under the condominium corporation (which, as a condo owner, you are a part of). However, your own condo insurance will cover your personal property and contents, and protect you from the costs and responsibilities that fall outside the corporation’s coverage. These can include things such as natural damage to your unit, liability coverage should anyone be accidentally injured in your unit or on your property, improvements and upgrades to your unit, and any repair of damages to commonly shared spaces.

Get a personalized plan from Preferred that will keep you and your belongings safe in the event of a disaster or accident. We will help ensure that you are not left without financial assistance when you need it most.

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