When it comes to your farm, it’s your business, home and livelihood all wrapped up into one. No two farms are alike and that’s why Preferred is a great choice. We find tailored plans that suit your exact needs. We can cover any size farm, from small family owned and operated farms, to large corporate operations.

Farms come with a wide range of items and property which its success as a business depends on. Our farm insurance plans include coverage for structures on the farm property, including homes, barns, storage sheds, and other buildings. It can also cover your livestock and produce in the event of a disaster which results in death of animals or damage to yields. We also provide coverage for machinery and equipment, and pollution liability protection.

Liability insurance will help protect your legal responsibility for accidental injury that may occur on your property. Loss of crops or buildings and machinery because of natural disasters, accidents, theft, vandalism and more can be a huge hit to your bottom line. Insurance helps protect you for these losses, as well as any future loss of income that may result.

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