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When you're looking for auto insurance in Dutton, you want to be assured you can rely on a reputable insurance broker.  The Municipality of Dutton-Dunwich is conveniently located on the north shores of Lake Erie and within close proximity of popular beaches. The inviting beaches at Port Stanley and Port Glasgow offer plenty of recreational and boating opportunities and easy access to the 401.

Travelling on the local highways like the 401 bring a range of risks to you and your passengers.  But automobile insurance can ensure the safety of yourself and those in the vehicle and Preferred Insurance has you covered!

Our Auto Insurance Protection

Our numerous plans provide comfort should you be involved in an accident or are the victim of vandalism or theft. With Preferred Insurance, you will have someone at your side to help you out with repairs and replacement costs. Automobile plans range from the basic coverage to comprehensive, depending on your personal situation and needs. We offer coverage for personal vehicles as well as business and commercial vehicles.

Be Protected with Preferred Insurance

Residents in the village of Dutton, know that Preferred Insurance works hard to find the best suited plan to fit any particular needs. The last thing you should worry about is your own protection in the event of an unexpected situation.

Preferred Insurance is committed to our local communities and charities and with our extensive network of companies, we can find the ideal solution for you. When looking for auto insurance in Dutton Ontario, you can be assured that Preferred Insurance will offer you excellent value and complete coverage for what you need most, including that antique car in your garage.

Find the coverage you need with Preferred Insurance in Dutton Ontario.


Current downtown Dutton

Historic downtown Dutton


Notable Facts:

Dutton, originally called Bennettville, was named after the Southern Railway station - Dutton Station.

John Kenneth Galbraith, (economic adviser to U.S. President John F. Kennedy) was born in Iona Station (a hamlet located on the border of Dutton) in 1908