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Preferred Insurance prides itself in being a dependable and a reputable insurance broker.  We want to assist you no matter where the road brings you and let you know upfront what your expectations can be. Automobile insurance ensures the safety of both you and other individuals.  Don't look any further and switch to Preferred Insurance, the Preferred choice for automobile insurance. Get your free quote today!

Our Auto Insurance Protection

Our goal is to support our clients' unique needs and wants when it comes to automobile insurance by providing a variety of different plans that ensure your safety on the road. Comfort, support, and protection from accidents, vandalism or theft is a priority of Preferred as we want to provide you with exceptional services while securing your safety. With the Preferred Insurance team you will always have someone at your side to help you out with all your insurance requirements. From basic coverage to comprehensive, Preferred Insurance has all different kinds of plans that are suitable for your personal situation and needs. Whether your vehicle is for personal, business commercial purposes, we provide coverage unique to your needs and wants!

Be Protected with Preferred Insurance

Glencoe is a small community of 5,723 people located in the Municipality of Southwest Middlesex and Preferred Insurance has you covered!  The Glencoe Station was admitted into the North American Railway Hall of Fame!

Both Southwest Middlesex and Glencoe know that Preferred Insurance works exceptionally hard to provide you with the best suited plan to fit your particular needs. One out of three of our offices are located in the Glencoe area!

Through our commitment and dedication towards our local communities and charities and with the support of our extensive network of companies, Preferred Insurance can always find the ideal solution for you. When you are searching for auto insurance in Glencoe Ontario, Preferred Insurance can assure you that we will offer you remarkable value and full coverage for what you need and value the most.

Find the coverage you need with Preferred Insurance in Glencoe Ontario.

Downtown Glencoe. Home of the Glencoe Station. The Glencoe Station is one of many that VIA Rail travels to and from.